City Survivor - Triumph Spitfire

10/18/2012 9:39 PM

Triumph Spitfire


Chicago is coming into fall, and temperatures are starting to drop. It won't be long before anyone with the means will be putting their vintage iron into long-term storage, so I was glad to come across this Triumph Spitfire in the Loop a few days ago.


Cars like this are a big part of why I started this blog. British roadsters are a labor of love on the best days, but maybe that's why they have such devoted fans. Take this Spitfire - these cars can really bite back if not cared for, and even a late production model would have been built during the Carter administration. Not only has the owner taken good care of this one (look at the shine on the hood!), but they also drove it into the heart of the Chicago and parked it on the street. Some collectors would cringe, but Urban Gear Works salutes the owner for enjoying this car as it was meant to be.

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