City Survivor - An All-American Icon

7/4/2013 2:22 PM


Corvette Stingray
Corvette, because America.


There are few cars as American as the Corvette. Designed in the triumphant years following World War Two by a Belgian-Russian immigrant for a car company founded by a Swiss-French immigrant, the Corvette proved this country could build a sports car to compete with the best of the Old World while retaining a distinctly American V-8 roar. If it weren't for a law prohibiting the Stars-and-Stripes from being used in product branding, the very logo of the Corvette would be an American flag. Today, 60 years after the first Corvette rolled off the assembly line, it is an icon that transcends economic, social, and racial barriers. From Texas to New York to Los Angeles, a Corvette is a status symbol, an aspiration, and a representation of what it means to make it in the land of dreams. Happy Fourth of July!

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