Porsche Sport Turismo Concept - The Only Porsche You'll Ever Need

9/30/2012 8:34 PM

Porsche Sport Turismo Concept


Last week, Porsche unveiled this Sport Turismo concept at the Paris Motor Show. As a fan of the Panamera and wagons in general, I couldn't be more excited at the prospect of a vehicle like this. While many have been quite vocal with their disdain for the design of Porsche's first sedan, particularly from the rear, I've always had an inexplicable attraction to the similar fastback sedan design of American classics from the late 1940s, like the Hudson Hornet. Wagons, on the other hand, are perfectly suited to city life. It's a matter of chicken-or-egg whether wagons are so popular in Europe because they are suited well to the tight confines of cities, or that they are so well suited to cities because they are popular in Europe. Regardless, wagons can match the cargo space and versatility of an SUV with major advantages in fuel economy and maneuverability. Plus, at least in Chicago, an SUV nets you an extra fee when it comes time to renew your city sticker.


While some Porsche purists are already screaming heresy, I couldn't be more full of anticipation. I've already tried to work out if I can hold off replacing my current car until this concept (hopefully) reaches production. The utility of an all-wheel-drive wagon with the style, performance, and reputation of a Porsche puts the Sport Turismo in an exceptionally small category that is so crucial to a car-loving city dweller: it's one car that fits every single role with virtually no compromises!


  • Bad weather capability? Check.
  • Ability to move an average-size piece of furniture? Check.
  • Top-level driving dynamics? Check.
  • Style? Check. (At least I think so.)
  • Seating for more than two people? Check.


This is a car that can genuinely be everything you need. The only competition I can think of is Cadillac's gloriously insane CTS-V wagon. I can only hope that if (when?) the Sport Turismo reaches production, some publication runs a proper head-to-head comparison.


Please, Porsche, build this car!


Image Credit: Porsche


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